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Sex Education After Marriage

This article is not intended to be a sex manual for married couples, though I may write such someday. I just wanted to remind the reader a short verse in Quran and then elaborate.

“They are your garments, and you are their garments”.
Thus husbands and wives are described as garments to

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Hadees For Girls

Hadees mein aurtoon k lye hukum hy:
1)Aurat Khuda ka diya hua ek Naayaab tohfa hai..!!
2)Pregnant aurat ki 2 rakat Namaaz aam aurat k 70 rakat Namaaz se badkar hai..!!
3)Husband pareshaan ghar aye aur biwi use tasalli de tou usse Jehad ka sawaab milta hai..!!
4)Jo aurat apne

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Khawateen Ka Ehtelam

Female Nocturnal Emission – Khawateen Ka Ehtelam

 Bazer (Clitoris) aurat kay vulva kay labia minora kay bilkul ooper waley hissey mein chicken ki kalghi ki tarhan hota hai. Jo sexually stimulation mein hard ho jata hai aur orgasm hasil karney sey pehley ek dam dheela ho jata hai. Hite kay

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Forex In Islam