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What is the G-shot?

Dear Alice,

What is the G-shot? I heard it can boost sensation in the g-spot. I’ve never had a g-spot orgasm and am naturally interested. However, I’m not sure if this procedure is safe, or where to get it.

Dear Reader,

The “G-shot” is a medical procedure

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When You’re Too Loose


After childbirth, some of us have a rather embarrassing problem: Your vagina is too loose to make sex exciting.

And on Wifey Wednesdays here at To Love, Honor and Vacuum, we dive right in and get practical to try to solve some of these very real challenges people have in marriage.


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Read Quran in 30 Days

Assalam alaikum & peace to all.

I wanted to publish the 30 sections “Ajiza”(sections) of the Quran – During Ramadan it is highly encouraged to read the Quran – these 30 Juz (singular of Ajiza) make it easy to read one section each day of Ramadan therefore by the end of

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Forex In Islam